3ona.com temp mail is temporary email service to protect your real mailbox from spam. Our Multi-Domain have a website! so fake email looks like ordinary email service, The incoming e-mail keeps for 1 days only & delete them after that. Don't give them your main primary email address!

Reasons why you need a temporary mail

You may be wondering, "Why should I use a temporary email address?" or maybe not. But the good news is, I've gathered reasons for what I think are good excuses to start using a temporary email service like Fake Mail. To look at!

1 - To protect you from spam

Did you know that in 2019 at least 5 out of 10 emails were spam? Pretty crazy right? The most annoying thing about emails is how much clutter a mailbox can accumulate. I'm not even talking about spam as in Bab3z 4 you, I'm talking about hundreds if not thousands of emails piling day after day, week after week, month after month. Any emails, notifications, coupons to update the website, or anything that fills your inbox and gets to the point where you can't find what you need.

Temporary emails are great for protecting your "permanent" email address from all this spam. Just use your temporary email address as you usually use your real email address and that's it. Admittedly, I'm not suggesting to use it somewhere too important, but it's perfect for accessing an article where your email address is supposed to sell something, or to access a forum, for example.

2 - To stay protected from malware

Another fascinating fact from 2018 was that 1 in 101 emails were malicious. Talk about a big loser.

While nothing can really protect you from social engineering or any other form of pure text phishing, most published exploits are known to be email attachments.

Temporary email helps protect you from viruses, Trojans, malware, etc. simply because most services delete attachments. No attachments, no exploits. Raw, but very effective.

3 - Stay anonymous

Anonymity is almost an online myth these days. Everyone seems to be following every move you make, every word you type and every site you visit.

“You can sit at home and pretend nothing happened, and your name goes through 17 computers a day,” quotes one of my favorite movies, Hackers. Sadly it was both Hollywood and 1995. Now there are probably 170,000 computers a day, but the idea is the same. Wherever you go, and whatever you have access to, someone wants or already has your information. A temporary email address will not protect you from this sad fact, but there is at least one step you can take to keep it anonymous.

Most temporary email services give you a one-time temporary email address without any questions and are ready for immediate use without the need to sign up or register anywhere. Without entering your name or anything else like that.

4 - To keep your primary inbox clean

It is important to keep the actual inbox clean. As mentioned above, spam can be tricky, but so is solicited email. Site updates and other clutter sometimes make it extremely difficult to manage your inbox.

A temporary courier service like ours helps by taking the pressure off. If you find yourself signing up for something you think is a prime candidate for constant annoying emails, just plug in your TempMail address and you're good to go. Your real email address is kept perfectly clean. 

5 - Build a social media profile

Sometimes you have to make a secondary account Facebook, Instagram, Ticketoke, Radit, Twitter, but you only have a head email address. With Social Media Sites you can use your main email account to create a different account, then you are a shame.

A disposable e-mail is ideal for making extra social media accounts for itself.

6 - Religion list of unwanted mailing

Do you ever access some online access to the e-mail address? You know that while entering your e-mail address you will be in the list of the worst known world. Disposable, temporary email is also great for this. Weight only this puppy in, what you need and went.

7 - Find out that you are sold

Sometimes you can use your temporary email address to see who sells your information. When an email is created, it is unique, so you know that when it suddenly begins a lot of unplug emails by up to 100% of the unexpected e-mail production, the opportunities have been used, and sell your problem, right ?