3ona.com temp mail is temporary email service to protect your real mailbox from spam. Our Multi-Domain have a website! so fake email looks like ordinary email service, The incoming e-mail keeps for 1 days only & delete them after that. Don't give them your main primary email address!

What is temp mail and how does it work?

Temp mail is temporary email service to protect your real mailbox from spam.

Just like others disposable emails the main function is to protect your users from spam and other malicious activity while keeping your inbox clean.

Temp e-mail addresses are what they claim to be - email addresses that people use for a short time and then don't use once more. Those email addresses aren't any special from traditional e mail besides that.

the simulation of fake email is very simple,..

sender email -> our server with your custom email address

so, with our disposable email service your main email address has no spam.

TEMP Mail provides a temporary, anonymous, free, secure and confirmed email address. You can use them on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram to register anonymously!

Determines that electronic processing can be disposed of for a different and unique email address for each sender / recipient group. It works useful in the scenarios that anyone can sell or modify an email address for indiscriminate mail lists or other consciousness entities. The most common positions for this type of online registration include focus groups, newsletters, discussion rooms and online purchasing services. At once when the e-mail has become a daily inconvenience and when you threaten identity theft, bites can be a useful tool to protect Internet users. 

The available e-mail addresses can be canceled if the person starts using the address in an unprotected creator mode. For example, you may accidentally add an email to your spam list or get an address from a spammer. Alternatively, the user can decide not to receive communication from the caller. Regardless of the cause, DEA allows the address owner to take unilateral action by simply deleting the address in question. Later, the owner can decide whether to update the receiver.

Disposable email addresses are usually forwarded to one or more actual email inboxes where the owner receives and reads the message. The contacts with whom the DEA is shared may not know the user's actual email address. If you maintain a DEA database, you can quickly identify the expected sender of each message by obtaining the contact names associated with each DEA. Fair use of the DEA can also help identify recipients who inadvertently or illegally manage their email addresses. In addition, it can act as a tool to detect fake messages and phishers.